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The biggest challenge for welfare technology companies is not the actual development of new products and solution – it’s the implementation of the technology in the day-to-day operation. Suma Care from Odense is aware of this challenge and has attempted to preempt it by collaborating with other companies to get input from the care staff and thereby further developing their intelligent diaper, Wear&Care®.

Many complication factors can arise when welfare technology is to be implemented in the day-to-day operations. To ease the implementation process Suma Care (Odense) established a partnership with Delta (Odense), FORCE Technology (Odense), Attendo (Sweden) and Vaeksthus Copenhagen.

Suma Care’s intelligent diaper uses a disposable sensor strip, which sticks to any normal diaper. The strip is then connected to a small transmitter that via Wi-Fi sends the humidity values in the diaper to an internet-based program. The program then calculates when it is time for the staff to change the diaper. The system can also alert the staff to possible dehydration or urinary tract infections.

The difficulty of such a product is to establish how well it will work “in the real world”. In the conversations with the care staff it was quickly found that the idea of the sensor strip has many advantages. But the staff also had some concerns. They would like the system to have options when the alarm goes off. A recurrent idea was that the staff could ‘snooze’ the alarm for 10 minutes if they already had their hands full. They would also like to be able to refer the alarm to a college.

For Suma Care the input from the staff has had a great impact on their product. The new information on the utility design means that crucial changes can be made before the production of the diaper begins: “On the verge of serial production, we have had the opportunity to introduce a few simple constructional changes that will heighten the product’s flexibility and acceptance with the end user – all thanks to the design panel comprised of care staffers”, Jörn Hamdorf, CEO of Suma Care notes.

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