31 large hospital projects in Finland in 2012-2021

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The new Childrens Hospital Helsinki

In the area of building and renovating hospitals for 30 billion euros in the Nordic countries, Danish companies could benefit greatly over the next 10 years. 

50-60 years ago Finland was building a welfare state like in the other Nordic countries. As Denmark is now in the process of hospital construction, so is Finland, and for the Danish companies, this is a good opportunity to transfer their experience to the Finnish market.

Today Finland has 125 hospitals and many buildings are at the end of their lifecycle. For that reason, building and renovating hospitals is a big player in the market according to Programme Coordinator Kenneth Sandström, Nordic Healthcare Group. He stated the Danish delegation about Hospital building projects in Finland:
“According to various sources, hospitals in the Nordic countries hospitals will be built, expanded or renewed for approx 30 billion euros over the next 10 years. Globally the business area of building and renovating hospitals will constitute one of the most substantial areas for growth.

One of the central problems in Finland is the disappearance of planning skills and know-how. The most recent central hospital, Lapland Hospital, was built in the early eighties.

Average cost estimate of 30 big hospital projects in Finland, is approximately 125 million euros each. The building, renovation or expansion of hospitals is a unique opportunity to renew processes and operations substantially”.

Kenneth Sandström from Nordic Healthcare Group. Future hospital trends derive from visionary and customer oriented planning. Ten important trends were identified.

  1. Better integration of care chains
  2. Flexible multipurpose use of spaces and modular building practices
  3. Increase of remote monitoring and decrease of beds in hospital wards.
  4. Information and communication technology (ICT) in the center
  5. Development of logistics processes
  6. Development of diagnostics and care technology
  7. Competence center thinking
  8. Green hospital
  9. New finance and procurement methods
  10. Customer oriented approaches

Increase quality of care
Programme director Eero Toivainen from Finpro sees possibilities in collaborating within the Nordic countries:
“Good inventions within the healthcare sector may increase the quality of care in the Nordic countries. Both Finland and Denmark has clusters within this area, and we may benefit from working together. If an innovative product from a startups-company has been accepted in a building or renovation project, it will create a quicker process for the product to become accepted globally”.

The new Children’s Hospital Helsinki 2017
Pekka Lahdenne, MD, PhD, ass. Professor of pediatrics told the delegation about functional planning and digitalization as a means to improve hospital processes. The old Children’s Hospital was 65 years old, and the planning of the new Children’s Hospital Helsinki took place 2013-2014.

“Treating infants is a competency core for a pediatric hospital. In the new building we had to fuse together three or four working cultures. We need adjustability, effectivity, safety of care and evolution of the ICT platform in the hospital from a conservative, and protective environment to an open, innovative and customer friendly environment”, said Pekka Lahdenne.

The Foundation for the New Children’s Hospital 2017 is responsible for fundraising and coordinating project finances, planning and construction with a budget of 175 million euros (hospital 170 mill. and parking level 5 mill.) – donations was 35 million euros.

Lasse Søager, Projectmanager of Constructions at Projektteam The New Koege University Hospital, Region Sealand was impressed by the quick planning and asked how this was possible.

“We proceeded quickly. We wanted to stick to schedule and price with a quick timetable. Construction started before planning. We coordinate construction and planning”, said Pekka Lahdenne.

Statistics 2014:

  • Number of patients 28.996The Tower
  • Admissions 9.150
  • Outpatient visits 68.645
  • Emergency room visits 15.110
  • Primary care emergency visits 23.550
  • Operations 5.364 – with emergency operations 2.404

The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa
Raija Malmström and Esko Kemppainen welcomed the Danish delegation and showed them the Tower. Raija Malmström is MD, PhD, and project director. HUS – The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa has 23 hospitals, most of them in Helsinki.

The 17 story patient Tower from 1965 has a protected façade commissioned by building authority. In order to renovate the building, they built a temporary building with 120 beds. During renovation of the Tower they kept the ground level walls and floor, with a floor height of three meters – the rest is renovated. They kept the façade and built a new top floor. It now has 298 beds + 61 intensive care beds. All floors are generic, they can be changed.Huey, Dewey or Louie

Key figures
Tower Hospital costs 100 million euros. 2.810 euro/brm2. 6.810 euro/hym2. The waste and parking facilities are underneath the hospital as well as the pharmacy robot.

The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa

  • 495.828 patients
  • 89.607 surgical procedures
  • 17.975 deliveries
  • 1.710.712 outpatient visits
  • 495.828 individual patients
  • 22.364 HUS employees

Huey, Dewey and LouieMarja Jaurakkajärvi Newicon
At least five levels beneath the ground floor of the Tower, Huey, Dewey and Louie “rules the world”. These are the names of three pharmacy robots that were installed august 2015, with the contract signed from the supplier four months earlier. The system will be fully operational in the beginning of December 2015.

“I think that the matchmaking was a really good opportunity to have a discussion with the Danish delegation members and in general share ideas and experiences about hospital projects between Finland and Denmark. Newicon is entering the Danish market next year. Therefore, it is very important for us to get feedback about our systems and learn what kinds of systems are needed to fulfil the needs of future hospital concepts. We aim for long lasting collaboration and wish to be able to contribute our knowledge to these projects”.

The sauna Tower

This is Finland, because in Denmark the hospitals have no sauna.

Jan Erik Andersen is project manager at project team The New Koege University Hospital, Region Sealand. For him it was exciting to see tangible solutions such as the computer of the pharmacy:
“We are talking about which scale pharmacy, we must have. We consider what it costs to have full-time employees versus having an automatic system. We will decide on an informed basis, and it might be a mixed combination”.

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