Will 3D cameras help treat diabetic ulcers?

Every year, around 3000 Danes get ulcers related to diabetes. The ulcers are very hard to treat and they will in some cases lead to amputation – costly procedures both emotionally for the patient and economically for society. Because ulcers are often deep and complex, the adjoining nerves and vessels...

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diabetes complications

Care staff involvement makes implementation easier

The biggest challenge for welfare technology companies is not the actual development of new products and solution – it’s the implementation of the technology in the day-to-day operation. Suma Care from Odense is aware of this challenge and has attempted to preempt it by collaborating with other companies to get input from the care staff and thereby further developing their ... Read More

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New robot ensures prompt results on blood tests

New OUH is investing in new technology that provides patients with answers to their blood tests within a day. Via colour coding, the robot sorts the tests and sends one every 3 seconds to the lab. Both tissue- cell- and blood samples are handled more delicately and with fewer mistakes, which benefits the patient as well as the hospital.

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Nursing staff needs specializing within dementia technology

Dementia costs the Danish society 24 billion kroner each year. Welfare technology can ease the economic pressure and give dementia patients a better life, but this must go hand in hand with the specialization of the nursing staff. That is the goal of a new Danish-German dementia collaboration.

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NewIcon in Odense – OUH-deal on the way

NewIcon has established a Danish subsidiary, in which Hanne Hansen-Nord has begun as the Key Account Manager on 1 February, 2017. The first smart medicine cabinet trial unit will be installed at Odense University Hospital in the end of March 2017.

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