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    Company assistance

    Odense Health specializes in helping companies of all sizes, within the sector of health, get settled in Odense with as much ease as possible. We will be with you all the way: From finding the right location, getting legal permissions and connecting with our service provider network to helping your employees get settled and setting up meetings with relevant decision makers e.g. from the University Hospital.

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    Well functioning ecosystem

    Our ecosystem combines relevant companies, research and knowledge (university), education (talent pool) and financing, and connects you to over 75 companies, talent from more than 30 relevant education programs, business development, capital and innovation projects answering the needs of the European healthcare market.

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    Market acceleration

    Briefly stated, Odense is the perfect place to move your business or open up a new division. We have everything you will need (and more) and the ability to help you through the transition.

Health technology saves municipalities half a billion

A recent study from Local Government Denmark (KL) concludes that the use of welfare technology has saved the municipalities over 500 million DKK from 2014 to 2016. A survey in the study also shows that the nursing staff’s work environment has improved as well as patients’ sense of security and quality.

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WHINN 2017 – Value-based Healthcare Conference

At this year’s WHINN, you have the opportunity the conference of Value-based Healthcare, where the innovation accelerators as augmented and virtual reality, next generation security, 3D printing, IOT, Cognitive and Robotics will be introduced and debated.

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SMOOTH project receives 11 million

The robot fetches water, picks up laundry and follows the elderly to lunch. At the same time the robot can interpret emotions like fatigue. Scientists from SDU are developing this robot in collaboration with the municipality of Køge and Patient@home, which will be ready to use in nursing homes in 2 years.

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Counting the days until WHINN? Join CIMT at Folkemødet!

While there are still about 4 month until this year’s WHINN conference is kicked off, you have the opportunity to delve into the world of innovation and health care solutions! CIMT (Centre for Innovative Medical Technology) and the University of Southern Denmark has joined forces and offers you a change to discover their collaboration in development, testing, implementation and research ... Read More

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